Top Abdominal Workouts for Better Abs

Top Abdominal Workouts for Better Ab

1. Crunches

Crunches are the ab workout OG for a reason. They're your ab-building foundation—simple, effective, and precise for upper abs.

2. Planks

Planks rule core stability. They sculpt your midsection and core, not merely maintain postures.

3. Bicycle Crunches:

Bicycle crunches are actually twisty! They carve your core into a vibrant masterpiece like a sculptor. This twisting workout works upper and lower abdominal.

4. Leg Raise

Lower abs are built with leg lifts.They focus on that problematic location to build a strong, contoured core. It's like establishing a stronghold from scratch.

5. Russian Twist

Russian twists master oblique interaction. This workout sculpts your front and sides for a full ab symphony.

6. Mountain Climber

Mountain climbers are midsection cardio sculptors. They're burning calories and creating a dynamic core engagement masterpiece.

7. Reverse Crunches

Innovate your lower ab training with reverse crunches. Like the creators, they targeted the hard-to-reach lower abs to reinvent the crunch.

8. Hanging Leg Raise

Your ab exercise becomes vertical with hanging leg lifts. They challenge and reward your lower abdominal and hip flexors like sculptors crafting a masterpiece from a different angle.

9. Flutter Kick

Flutter kicks work upper and lower abs simultaneously. Your ab regimen gets a boost from their partnership.

10. Sit-Up

Full-range sit-ups work your entire abdomen. They target upper, lower, and oblique abs with each repeat, making them a complete stomach workout.

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