The Panthers have promoted four offensive assistants to new positions.

On Tuesday, the newly appointed head coach, Dave Canales, selected four new members to join his offensive coaching team.

Harold Goodwin, who is also the assistant head coach and run game coordinator, Bernie Parmalee, who is the coach of running backs, Rob Moore, who is the coach of wide receivers, and Joe Gilbert, who is the coach of offensive line was announced by the team.

For the past five seasons, Goodwin, who is fifty years old, has been following Canales from Tampa, where he held the same title. Over the course of his career, he has also played for the Bears, Steelers, Colts, and Cardinals.

Parmalee, who had previously played running back for the Jets and Dolphins, was a member of the Jaguars for a total of three seasons

 Over the course of his coaching career, he has worked with the Falcons, Raiders, Chiefs, and Dolphins, in addition to his time spent at Notre Dame.

Over the course of the previous six seasons, Moore has served as the receivers coach for the Titans. 

In addition to being a former player, he has also served as a coach for the Bills and the Raiders. He has played for the Jets and the Cardinals among other teams

For the previous five seasons, Gilbert has been a member of the Buccaneers while working with Goodwin.