The following are some new age dating terminology that you might not be familiar with, ranging from "Mooning" to "Benching."

Everyone speaks love differently, but millennials go it farther. Finding new dating terminology to express their sentiments toward each other. Today, individuals focus on early phases rather than love. Without keeping up with these new dating terms, you're missing out on how young brains think. Here are several to practice:

This is when the person you've dated/spoken to/shown interest in becomes less available. Very seldom call/text/meet. The friendship between you two eventually fades. You broke up without talking or explaining.

This sluggish fading is considerably worse since it happens faster than you think. You'll be left wondering what happened when the person suddenly stops talking to you.

This one is upsetting since the person you're interested in or talking to has secretly switched off your message notifications because they don't care anymore. Even if they like you and want to chat later, this might happen.

Someone keeps you on the backburner. Your opportunity to be with that person depends on no one else being interested. You're essentially on hold.

This is similar to casual flirting amongst friends. It generally entails one individual being more interested.

Someone who's in a relationship but unhappy about it. The individual slowly becoming single again is looking for later hookups or flirtation. A laybe means you're unavailable but will be shortly. These individuals hate being single for a day.

Obsessed with your ex and prior turmoil. Breakups and reconciliations with your ex bring drama to your life.

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