Republicans postpone contempt proceedings against Hunter Biden, claim they're consulting his counsel.

Washington— Due to agreements with Hunter Biden's attorneys, House Republicans will not charge him in contempt of Congress this week for ignoring a congressional subpoena.

Republicans were scheduled to take the Hunter Biden contempt resolution to the House floor Tuesday, but they postponed it “to give the attorneys additional time to reach an agreement,” according to a House Oversight Committee official. Days before, an attorney representing President Joe Biden's son said he would help with Republicans' impeachment probe after months of refusal.

Still, attorney Abbe Lowell wrote to House Republicans Friday saying his client's participation depends on a fresh subpoena. They claimed that the two November subpoenas were invalid because they were issued before the House approved the Joe Biden impeachment probe.

Hunter Biden's lawyers highlighted a 2020 legal opinion by then-Attorney General William Barr, which indicated that a subpoena issued by an impeachment investigation not yet accepted by the entire chamber had “no compulsory effect.” Tuesday, Lowell did not reply to requests for comment. In a statement Friday, Oversight and Judiciary committee chairs James Comer and Jim Jordan said they were “heartened” by Hunter Biden's legal team's change.

Hunter Biden maintained his refusal to comply with the GOP subpoena for closed-door hearing in mid-December until last week. Biden and his counsel have argued House Republicans may selectively leak and twist private interview information and that he will only testify publicly.

Further angering Republicans, Hunter Biden and his team were in the Capitol twice—once at an Oversight hearing last week and once on his deposition day last month. Instead of testifying confidentially, the younger Biden defended his business dealings and criticized the yearslong probes against him and his family in newspaper remarks.

In response, the Oversight and Judiciary panels charged Hunter Biden with contempt of Congress last week. If discussions fail and the contempt resolution passes, the Department of Justice will be notified. The DC U.S. attorney will determine whether to charge Hunter Biden

The September investigation against the president has concentrated on Hunter Biden and his international business operations, wondering if the president benefitted. The investigation has not found anything linking Joe Biden to his son's business transactions.

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