Plants That Add Aroma to Your Garden: Fragrant Flower. (Part-1)

Adding aromatic flowers to your garden enhances the sensory experience and creates a lovely atmosphere. Consider these aromatic flowering plants:

Rosa: Roses Roses are exquisite and come in sweet, fruity, spicy, and musky smells.

The lavender plant: Known for its calming fragrance, lavender is not only aromatic but also has lovely purple spikes of flowers.

Jasmine (Jasminum): Jasmine produces highly fragrant white or yellow flowers. It's a popular choice for its sweet, exotic scent.

Syringa (Lilac): The pleasant scent of lilacs is famous. Colors include purple, white, and pink.

Gardenia jasminoides: Gardenias' waxy, white blossoms smell pleasant. Bouquets and arrangements use them.

Paeonia: Beautiful peonies have a pleasant scent. Colors include white, pink, and red.

Alyssum dulce (Lobularia maritima): This low-growing perennial with fragrant white blooms provides great ground cover.

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