partners discuss times when they no longer found pleasure in having sexual relations

Beyond being together for years, a relationship changes in many ways. Couples confront many problems, whether they marry or not. One's love life will improve or worsen with time, whether emotionally or sexually.

They gave their views on all the aspects that alter in a relationship after asking many couples about sex and how it changes with time. Here are 7 couples that disclose when they stopped having sex.

Our fifth year of marriage was full with labor and ambitions. After a lovely start, dates, love, and intimacy ceased. Loss of intimacy. We focused on ourselves while married. Chatted one day. It seems to have worked. Our sex life improved as we became more sensitive and loving.

Healthy sex life means never making it a chore. Two years of dating turned exhilarating into monotonous, and sex became a duty for us. We disliked it as a daily task. I cleared the air and discussed it with my partner over time. Our lives were simpler after that, albeit not ideal.

At first, there was just the two of us. But as time went on, we began to value other aspects of life more highly. Our desires and life objectives began to diverge in several ways. Regarding our sexual lives and the level of closeness between us, that did alter things significantly.

Previously, my partner and I had the finest moments. We were creative, adventurous, and on fire sexually. But gradually, things changed and life became more mundane. He seldom explored, and I wanted more. Over time, we recognized we weren't sexually compatible. Despite wanting it, we were on different paths.

Kids! The delight of life. Made by me and my hubby. As hard as it is, having kids changed our sex life. Our children took precedence, so we never had that private space again. Even if we had time, everything had to be scheduled days in advance, which was a turn-off.

Our dating began in school and was romantic and amazing. Something like in movies. As we matured and saw the larger picture, the romance and thrill appeared to fade. Things that made us happy in the beginning now make us grimace. This altered our sex life. Even physical closeness felt different.

His constant need for sex turned me off and harmed our good sex life. He always wanted sex, even when I was busy or had family concerns. His confusion made me realize I didn't get it.

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