(Part-2) Vivek Ramaswamy drops his 2024 Republican presidential run and backs Trump.

Indian-born Ramaswamy entered politics at the highest level after generating hundreds of millions of dollars in hedge funds and pharmaceutical research while graduating from Harvard University and Yale Law School. His campaign was aggressive like his investment pitches, even if his pharmaceuticals never hit the market.

Want someone who grew up in this system to provide modest reform? Or do you want someone coming in from the outside?” he asked earlier in the campaign, leveraging his business success to his Oval Office potential.

Ramaswamy dazzle GOP audiences with his rapid-fire presentation on a variety of themes, blending his background and policy stances with conservative talking points.

He supported deporting American-born offspring of illegal immigrants. He disputed the government's narrative of 9/11 and called for sacking 75% of federal workers. He proposed increasing the U.S. voting age. He criticized corporate America's diversity, equality, and inclusion efforts. 

Ramaswamy labeled conservative GOP opponents “Dick Cheney in 3-inch heels” and chuckled when one branded him “scum.” He always handled Trump cautiously, vowing to pardon him for federal offenses, including the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol rebellion.

With his bluster, Ramaswamy often overlooked opposing information, and his confidence occasionally caused him problems.

He did not inform voters that he called Trump's denial of his 2020 loss “abhorrent” or Jan. 6 a “dark day for democracy.” He was silent on whether he invested in “woke” diversity, equality, and inclusion firms.

His isolationist beliefs and claims that U.S. lawmakers support Israel for financial gain angered conservative journalists like Fox News' Sean Hannity. Ramaswamy said he wanted to “keep us out of World War III and then revive national pride in this country.”

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