(Part-2) Plants That Add Aroma to Your Garden: Fragrant Flower.

Lonicera honeysuckle: Honeysuckle vines yield sweet-scented tubular blooms. They commonly cover fences and trellises.

Sweet Autumn Clematis (Clematis terniflora): This clematis bears petite, star-shaped white flowers with a delicate scent in late summer and fall.

Philadelphus mock orange: Mock orange shrubs produce white, citrus-scented orange blossom-like flowers.

Dianthus spp.: Dianthus (pinks or carnations) smells spicy and sweet. Their colors vary.

Nicotiana spp.: Nicotiana, or blossoming tobacco, contains trumpet-shaped blossoms that smell good at night.

Heliotrope (arborescens): Heliotrope features clusters of small, vanilla-scented purple flowers.

Daphne spp.: Small, aromatic blossoms cluster on daphne plants. It smells zesty and pleasant.

Consider these aromatic flowers' flowering seasons when planning your garden to provide a year-round supply of lovely aromas. To promote plant growth and scent, consider their sunshine and soil needs.

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