(Part-2) Next Republican debate canceled as Nikki Haley says she'll only attend if Trump does.

During Tuesday's press conference, Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung characterized Haley as a "desperate globalist who wants higher taxes, open borders, and China to dominate the United States," "So that's why her only supporters are attempting to meddle in a Republican primary," he said.

Last week in Iowa, during the most recent GOP debate, Haley faced off against Ron DeSantis. The two-hour altercation caused some of her fans to believe that the former governor of South Carolina had lost some of the campaign's level-headedness. Haley engaged in an off-putting episode of "name calling" and mentioned a campaign-run website over a dozen times, which numerous caucusgoers felt appeared redundant.

The GOP is now focusing on New Hampshire in preparation for next week's primary. Haley has expressed confidence that her dedication to the state, along with polls indicating her popularity there, will give her campaign the momentum it needs to challenge Trump's strength. The night after her caucus celebration, Haley took a plane to New Hampshire, where she and Gov. Chris Sununu were planning an event.

However, DeSantis deviated from tradition and proceeded straight to Haley's home state of South Carolina. He explained last week that the intention was to convey to Haley that he would be fiercely competing against her in her home state's primary next month, so he planned to make a brief appearance there before traveling to New Hampshire.

While Haley was campaigning in Iowa last week, reporters wanted to know when she would confirm her participation in Thursday's debate at Saint Anselm College, which was co-hosted by ABC and WMUR-TV.

After winning the caucuses, Trump rushed to New York to attend a court hearing for one of his many legal battles. Later that day, he would hold a rally in New Hampshire. He has so far avoided participating in any of the major discussions.

On Tuesday night, after Trump's court appearance, he will go to New Hampshire to give a rally.

On Tuesday, Chris Ager, the chairman of the Republican Party in New Hampshire, informed AP that both Haley and Trump had been invited to debate with DeSantis.

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