(Part-2) New budget plan from New York governor calls for spending $2.4B on migrant surge.

Reporters were informed by Assembly Republican Minority Leader Will Barclay that the border situation has not been resolved or secured by the Democratic government in Washington. "The migrant crisis isn't something I'm very happy about having to pay for."

The efforts spearheaded by the Republican governor of Texas have contributed to the influx of migrants into New York, who are being transported by bus or air to states in the north that are under the authority of Democrats.

To help with the surge of people seeking asylum, Hochul has proposed allocating $2.4 billion to fund health care, short-term shelter services, and the construction of larger-scale emergency housing sites. It would also go toward hiring attorneys to represent migrants when they apply for asylum and get work permits.

As one of numerous trips she has made to meet with the Biden administration over the past several months to discuss the migrant flow, the governor informed media that she will be traveling to Washington this week.

Hochul stated, "We're going to be swimming against the tide" until there is a shift in government policy that reduces the number of new immigrants.

Several of Hochul's policy initiatives, which she unveiled last week, were given an opportunity to be further elaborated upon in the proposed budget.

She has requested $35.3 billion for the state's educational system, with a portion going toward expanding pre-kindergarten programs statewide, and an additional $40 million to implement a strategy to reduce shoplifting. 

Spending on Medicaid, she added separately, will exceed $35.5 billion, an increase from last year due to higher enrollment.

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