Arizona judge rules No Labels can bar non-presidential candidates.

A federal judge said on Tuesday that the group No Labels, which is planning a third-party presidential campaign, can exclude its members from running for office in Arizona through its ballot line.

In light of concerns voiced by those who oppose Donald Trump's presidency, who think that No Labels may sway voters who would have otherwise voted for the former president, this ruling safeguards the group's attempts to keep its activities and funding under wraps.

Except for the No Labels party's unofficial presidential and vice presidential candidates, a judge has barred Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes from officially recognising any other No Labels candidates seeking office.

The decision was deemed "dead wrong" by Democratic Fontes, who promised to file an appeal. He expressed concern that the decision may prevent the approximately 19,000 members of the No Labels party from participating in a primary election and set a precedent wherein party leaders could select candidates for government regardless of their affiliation.

"If this decision is upheld, it has the potential to halt the entire candidate nomination process," Fontes stated, adding that it would disenfranchise almost 19,000 registered Arizona voters.

The decision "strongly vindicates our constitutional rights," according to No Labels leaders.

The hijacking of our ballot line is not possible. No Labels director of ballot integrity and former Missouri governor Jay Nixon, together with No Labels national co-chair Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., issued a joint statement declaring that their campaign will not be halted.

As No Labels spends tens of millions of dollars to ensure ballot access in all 50 states by Election Day, it is under greater attention. Critics of No Labels have sought disclosure of the organization's donors—names of whom the group's leaders have flatly refused to provide—and have held out hope that state campaign finance rules may provide the information they need.

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