After Trump's Iowa success, Haley and DeSantis face pressure in New Hampshire.

 After Donald Trump's record Iowa caucus win, New Hampshire voters will decide how difficult the Republican primary contest will be as the former president dominates his party.

Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis are under pressure to improve on their disappointing results in Monday's caucuses, which opened the 2024 presidential voting. They have one week to prepare for next Tuesday's primary in New Hampshire, where people pride themselves on hosting the nation's first Republican presidential primary independently for decades. Winter weather is already disrupting campaign schedules and making candidates' jobs harder.

Trump, DeSantis, and Haley were scheduled to campaign in New Hampshire on Tuesday, but DeSantis canceled one event due to travel issues. Trump fans in Atkinson, southeast New Hampshire, waited hours in the cold Tuesday evening for his arrival. “Our world is in a spiral, and he’s going to help us,” said 75-year-old retiree Nancy Otovic in her wet parka after Trump's first event opens.

Trump appeared in New York for a civil defamation trial over a columnist's sexual assault accusations. DeSantis visited Haley's home state of South Carolina before flying to New Hampshire.

On Tuesday, former South Carolina governor Haley launched a statewide television campaign attacking Trump and Democratic President Joe Biden before her arrival in New Hampshire, capitalizing on the state's independence. “The two most disliked politicians in America,” the commercial names the 81-year-old president and 77-year-old former president “consumed by chaos, negativity and grievance of the past

DeSantis rejected Haley's attempts to portray the race as a Trump-Haley contest in Greenville, South Carolina. DeSantis criticized Haley's governorship and suggested Iowa conservatives preferred his Florida record. He said Haley is “depending on Democrats to change their registration.

Haley has sought to win over moderates turned off by Trump and conservatives who loved the former president but are open to others. The strategy helped Haley win Johnson, Iowa's most Democratic county, which includes liberal Iowa City, home to the University of Iowa. The other 98 Iowa counties went to Trump.

In New Hampshire, the GOP primary is available solely to Republicans and those without a party membership, around 40% of voters. The Democrats cannot participate. Changes to party registration were due in October, but new voters can register Tuesday.

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