Is your significant other acting all dramatic? Watch out! This guy might be a serial philanderer.

People who engage in serial dating often have an unhealthy obsession with being in the driver's seat or a crippling fear of rejection. A combination of the two is common. The other person will reject you before you can even reject them because of how serious the fear of rejection is. 

Therefore, if you have been going out with a person who is either making great gestures for you or persuading you to commit to them, you should be on the lookout for these indications to determine whether or not you are dating a serial dater!

Not only is this one exposed to serial daters, but it also has other people. It should come as no surprise that those who are emotionally open and relationship-oriented also like spending the majority of their time with their spouses. 

What we mean is that serial daters will frequently plan lengthy dates in order to get the best of you and show their dominance. So long as you give in to their charms quickly, they will feel satisfied knowing they have you hooked.

This indicates that the person who has been messaging you constantly will abruptly stop responding. And when he returns, he'll make up an elaborate reason why you shouldn't be angry with him. Their penchant for dramatizing situations in order to elicit your compassion becomes apparent when this occurs frequently.

Many individuals like extravagant romantic gestures. Serial daters repeat things because they know which chords to strike to captivate you. As they woo you, they'll create a friendship. Flowers, love, slow dances, and jazz will make every date dramatic and big from the start.

To boost their self-esteem, many people find that envy works well. Attempting to provoke jealousy in another person is never a good idea and might have unintended consequences. Serial daters, on the other hand, take pleasure in showing your concern whenever they manage to arouse even a hint of jealousy in you.

Not your typical charmers. Serial daters claim "I've never opened up to anyone like this before," "I've never felt so serious about anyone until now". Like "I was a player before you entered my life" . They never talk about the future or show weakness. Serial daters send mixed signals.

Sitting down with this person and asking how their past two relationships ended will reveal that they left their ex-partners. Quickly ending partnerships may indicate a lack of problem-solving. However, someone who does this often will develop a long-term pattern.

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