Travis Kelce's Brother Has Taylor Swift Fans Losing It

Swifties, Taylor Swift's mega-fandom, supported her boyfriend's brother after he missed the NFL playoffs.

The singer has been dating Travis Kelce since July, and his big brother Jason Kelce cried after his team lost their sudden death game on Monday.

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce lost his season on Monday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 32-9.

 Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles in Tampa on January 15, 2024. Taylor Swift in Beverly Hills, January 7, 2024. Taylor Swift fans felt sorry for Jason Kelce after the Eagles fell to Tampa.

According to media sources, Jason Kelce informed teammates of his retirement. Newsweek emailed the Eagles for comment.

Swifties supported Jason Kelce when a video of him weeping after the loss went viral. H. Alan Scott discusses latest trends with celebrities.

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Someone posted on X, previously Twitter, "i am crying over a 36 yo football player crying, how did this happen?"

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