The AFC and NFC title games draw over 55 million viewers to CBS and FOX


The NFL’s conference championship games on Sunday captured significant attention.

CBS Sports and FOX Sports reported high viewership for the Kansas City Chiefs-Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers-Detroit Lions matchups.

These games determined the contenders for Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas on Feb. 11.

Chiefs vs. Ravens

The Chiefs’ 17-10 victory over the Ravens achieved a 25.5 rating.

This game attracted 55.47 million viewers on CBS.

It surpassed the previous AFC title game viewership record.

That record was 54.85 million for the 2011 New York Jets-Pittsburgh Steelers game.

Viewer numbers for the Chiefs-Ravens game peaked at 64.02 million.

This makes it the second-most watched TV program since Super Bowl LVII.

The 2023 NFC title game also saw significant viewership, with a 22.7 rating and 47.5 million viewers.

49ers vs. Lions

The NFC championship game between the 49ers and Lions drew 56.32 million viewers on FOX.

This was an increase from the previous year’s 53.13 million for the Chiefs-Cincinnati Bengals game.

The Lions-49ers matchup became the most-watched non-Super Bowl TV program since 2012.

The 2012 49ers-New York Giants NFC title game had 57.64 million viewers.

Historical Context

Excluding the Super Bowl, only three NFL games have had higher viewership since the 1991-92 season.

All were NFC championship games on FOX.

These include the 2012 49ers-Giants, 2010 Vikings-Saints, and 1995 Cowboys-49ers games.

NFL Viewership Trends

The NFL continues to enjoy strong viewership due to star players, compelling team narratives, and high-stakes matchups.

Taylor Swift’s presence at the Chiefs game also contributed to the interest.

The last Super Bowl between the Chiefs and Eagles had 115.1 million viewers across all platforms.

The upcoming Chiefs-49ers Super Bowl rematch is anticipated to set new viewership records for CBS and the NFL.


What contributed to the high viewership of the NFL conference championship games?

Several factors contributed, including the popularity of the teams involved, star players, compelling storylines, and the anticipation of the Super Bowl.

How does this year’s viewership compare to previous years?

This year’s viewership surpassed previous records, indicating growing interest in NFL games, especially those determining Super Bowl contenders.

Why was Taylor Swift’s presence at the Chiefs game significant?

Celebrities like Taylor Swift attending games can draw additional viewers and media attention, further boosting viewership numbers.

What does the increase in viewership mean for the NFL?

The increase in viewership underscores the NFL’s strong appeal and its ability to attract large audiences, which is beneficial for the league’s branding, sponsorships, and overall popularity.

Can we expect future NFL games to continue drawing high viewership?

Given the current trends and the league’s efforts to engage fans, it’s likely that NFL games, especially key matchups like the conference championships and Super Bowl, will continue to attract significant audiences.

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